Like Valentine's Day Isn't Scary Enough...

This February 14, Cupid meets Frankenstein at Valloween, a night of horrifying love (or is that loving horror?) brought to you by the UA Department of Theatre & Dance and Alpha Psi Omega.

Capitalizing on the fact that Valentine’s Day falls during the run of the department’s production of the scary-silly The Mystery of Irma Vep, Valloween will combine the best of two favorite holidays. The evening will include:

Creepy Costume Contest: Those dressed in their horrific best could win one of several fabulous prizes, including a $25 gift certificate to Newk’s Express Café.
Phantasmal Pecks: Some of our most charming actors and actresses will haunt a kissing booth, selling smooches for a small fee.
Scary and Sweet Sketches: APO, the people who bring you Guerilla Theatre, will present horror- and love-themed scenes, some original and some from your favorite plays and musicals.
Free food! (Need we say more?)

“We’ve got a few other tricks up our sleeves,” says Kristi Wiley, a Valloween organizer. “It’s going to be a really fun night. It’s perfect for singles who hate Valentine’s Day, and it starts late enough that couples can go have a romantic dinner and still make it to the event. “Plus, it’s for a really good cause. Every bit of the money we raise goes directly back to students.”

Valloween will take place in the Morgan Hall auditorium, immediately following the performance of The Mystery of Irma Vep, around 9:30 p.m. It will run until about midnight. Admission is $5, and all proceeds benefit the Theatre & Dance Undergraduate Scholarship Fund and APO.

Call (205) 348-3844 for more information.

From an Email update

For those of you not on my update list this is from a recent email update I sent out:

Hello Everyone!

Sorry I haven't been as good about sending updates as usual. Life has been pretty hectic! I'm finally getting settled here in Tuscaloosa, AL. Let me first start with filling you in on my summer. It was WONDERFUL! I loved my job and all the great friends I made in Seattle at SCT. I got to do all sorts of things in my off time like hiking on Mt. Ranier, water skiing on Lake Washington and visiting Pike's Place regularly. To all you SCT people that get this email know that I miss you like crazy and can't wait until our paths cross again!

Marcus flew to Seattle to help me with the drive and we left when I got done with work on August 16th. We drove for about 6 hours to our first stop which was Missoula, MT. We stayed the night and in the morning I stopped over at MCT for a surprise visit which was fantastic! It made me really miss my year on the road. After the quick hellos at MCT we headed back out on the road for our big 17 hour stretch! The plan was not to stop until we got Marcus' parents place in Kansas City, MO taking turns sleeping and drving. Well about half-way through South Dakota we got real tired and needed a real bed to get some rest in. It took us a while to find a city that actually had hotels in it but we finally did and we got some much needed rest. We woke up the following morning and kept on driving until we made it to Marcus' parents house in KC. They took us to get some dinner at a great BBQ place and then we went home and crashed! The next morning we woke up and made the 11 hour drive to Tuscaloosa, AL.

Tuscaloosa is much smaller than I initially realized and I'm having quite a bit of adjusting to do. It's great being back in the south but I didn't realize how use to living out west I had become. Slowly I'm adapting to the small southern city lifestyle. I found a great yoga studio that's only two blocks from my house and that's been fantastic. My apartment is in a great location, I can walk 7 blocks in one direction to school and three blocks in the other to downtown.

This city is NUTS about football. I was amazed at the tailgating I've never seen such a thing! Thousands of people set up all over the quad with huge flat screen tvs and satellite dishes. Rv's come from everywhere and set up all over campus. I have a ticket for the homecoming game this weekend and I can't wait to see the inside of the stadium.

Our first show has opened and closed and went very well. Classes are great and I love the work I'm doing. I'm marketing both of the dance shows this semester. I've developed a promotion with a restaurant here called The Globe and call it Dinner & Dance. Everyone is excited about it and I'm hoping it's successful.

For all of you in New Orleans I'll be in town again October 11 - 14. To everyone else I miss you and hope to see you soon!

Sorry for abandoning you LJ friends!

From an update email I sent out last week:

I'm getting settled here in Seattle. I arrived last Sunday after a two-day drive from Long Beach. Jeremiah (one of my undergrad friends) did the drive with me so it was pretty simple, 10 hours one day 7 the next. We saw some beautiful country on the drive and stopped a lot along the way, one of my favorite places was The Olive Pit in Northern Cali. We also stopped for a couple of hours in Portland and went to Powell's a great bookstore that Irene and I went to a couple of times when we were touring through Oregon with MCT. We arrived to Seattle on Sunday night and had dinner with Audrey and her boyfriend Bobby at a great hamburger place. I started work the next day!

My first week has been absolutely wonderful! I love everything about the Seattle Children's Theatre. The people! The Work! The Theatre! I've been learning how to use Tessitura (a theatre ticketing software) and I'm picking it up pretty quickly. The Drama School uses the software to schedule their classes and place kids in classes. I've already learned how to process the Internet orders and I've been doing those daily. All of the other interns arrive tomorrow and I will begin my official intern orientation. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone else.

I found a yoga studio here to practice at and made a friend on my first day! Her name is Megan and yesterday we went to the Fremont Festival and Solstice Parade. Some of you may have heard of this parade before. I believe it's kinda famous. It begins with naked people who have painted their bodies riding on bikes (yes you read that right!). It was pretty crazy to see, definitely a life experience. The rest of the parade was similar to Krewe du Vieux but on a much larger scale. For those of you that aren't from New Orleans Krewe du Vieux is a parade that centers on current political and social themes. The event was very much Mardi Gras meets Jazz Fest. There were blocks and blocks of food, crafts, jewelry, art & music. We had a ton of fun. I took lots of great pictures.

Today we went to the racetrack with Bobby and some of his Navy friends. It was my first experience at horse track and I felt very sad for the horses. I didn't place any bets of course, but Bobby and his friends did well.


what timing. i have a huge accounting project due next thursday, a contract due on monday, a development paper due on thursday and a broken lap top. boy the good times just keep on coming.

since when...

is it ok to sneak into the theatre? seriously is it so hard to plan ahead and arrive to the theatre earlier than 20 minutes after the show is scheduled to begin? and is it really necessary to try and sneak into the theatre? and do you really have a right to complain about your seats when you arrive 2 minutes before the house closes in a general admission theatre? and are you seriously going to say i'm just going to run to the bathroom when i tell you we just closed the doors but i'll slip you in real quick? ugh!

why can't people plan ahead?!?!?!

(no subject)

it's been a while since i've updated this thing. so i guess i'm due. i've been living in long beach for a month and a half now and i'm enjoying it. i love being so close to the beach. i hate being so far away from my family and friends. i love the weather. i miss new orleans food. my apt is quite nice, it's very large, it's on a busy street though so it's pretty noisy. i'm finally starting to figure out my way around this place. it's so big here! way too many interstates and a ton of traffic, ALL THE TIME! it doesn't matter what time of day it is there will be traffic.

on another note my comp crashed. this makes me sad. it's at the comp doctor and hopefully it will come home soon. until then i'm stuck without a laptop, it makes me feel very incomplete.